what is industrial felt?
industrial felt is a durable and lightweight, the soft texture, yet the stiff form of the felt make Nordhale products very durable and well-shaped. industrial felt is made of synthetic water repellent fibers which makes the bags easy to care for and suitable to wear in every weather condition.

are the products waterproof?
our products are not waterproof. however, we say that the products are water-resistant and weatherproof.

how can I wash NORDHALE bags?
for minor damages, we recommend using a household wipe and water. for bigger damages, we’d recommend carefully clean under running water.

how can I make sure my laptop fits into the NORDHALE case or sleeve?
our laptop cases and sleeves are made by measurements of MacBook Pro. But we have left a few centimeters for additional books and papers. we have added the correct dimensions in the product description.




which countries do NORDHALE ship to?
we ship worldwide.

how much do shipping and handling cost?
Estonia: Omniva, DPD, and SmartPOST parcel machine is free and courier 5.00€
outside of Estonia: bigger packages are 9€ and smaller items are 4€.

how do I know when my order ships?
you will receive a shipping confirmation email with the tracking number(s) as soon as the order leaves our warehouse.




our hours of operation are between 10 am – 9 pm, Monday through Friday.

you can also contact us via email at contact@nordhale.com.

feel free to ask us anything!