The Nordhale brand was born in 2016 and has expanded it’s market rapidly throughout the years in both the Baltic States and the world with over 20 retail partners. Nordhale is a unique Estonian design brand that produces laptop sleeves, briefcases, carrier bags and backpacks from industriual felt.

Since day one, Nordhale is dedicated to sustainable production and consumption patterns. In design, Nordhale utilizes recyclable felts from factories, which reduces the reach of industrial materials to nature.

Every piece of Nordhale collection is hand-made in collaboration with various handicraft experts. Thanks to this, every bag has a rare value and story. Nordhale bags are for those who appreciate slow living and have the confidence to stand out from the ordinary

For the first time, we have the opportunity to peep behind closed curtains and see what Nordhale’s workflows are when designing bags.


Models: Roger Teppo / Janika Protassova

Video: Sander Antoniak

Photography: Kristiin Kõosalu

Make-up & hair: Laura-Liisa Srubišek

Behind the scenes: Sinika Seepõld

Additional credits: Studio August / Reede


HENNES is a bag that can accommodate all your needs. HENNES is inspired by fast work weeks, when you need to have all your essentials in one place with you all the time. what’s new in this model? we added leather details and a extra pocket with magnetic snap. all our bags are weather-resistant so they would maintain their shape.



We are happy to announce that NORDHALE bags are now available in one of the biggest department stores in Tallinn-KAUBAMAJA. You can find varies of our minimalistic products from footwear and men’s department!



the bag we usually take out for business meetings or to our favorite cafe to have a cup of coffee now meet the forests of finland. saturday afternoon right after the rain stopped, we decided to have a little hike and experience a true nordic breeze.

LUNDsuits perfectly to the metropolitan cityscape and nordic landscape


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