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Together we can change the world

in the phase where pollution and industrial waste in the world is constantly growing and human activity on our planet is testing the limits of our environment, we are on a mission to find better ways to reduce waste and make manufacturing more planet-friendly.

from the beginning of Nordhale – we have been developing sustainable production which would help the environment and make our design process ecological as much as possible, to achieve this we use excess pieces and leftovers of industrial felt from a felt factories in Estonia, in order to reduce the amount of industrial material that ends up in the environment.



why are Nordhale’s industrial felt the leading alternative to other materials?


  • using less energy to manufacture
  • production and process development is set up in an environmentally responsible manner
  • multi-level quality control (including product and process monitoring and in-house laboratory)
  • thoughtful production where products are created by following the ethics of slow fashion


changing lives is our day to day job – from valuing collaborating with local artisans and embrace the tiny quirks of every single item to sharing awareness about the environmental impact. the simple and timeless design of Nordhale’s bags is for those who appreciate slow living.

Nordhale looking for a high-performing Sales Manager to help us meet our customer acquisition and revenue growth targets by keeping our company competitive and innovative. you will be responsible for managing B2B and retail partners, analyzing and managing export markets.


read more about job offer at www.nordhale.com/stories/




we are looking for a high-performing Sales Manager to help us meet our customer acquisition and revenue growth targets by keeping our company competitive and innovative. you will be responsible for managing B2B and retail partners, analysing and managing export markets.


– services, maintains, and increases existing business by developing professional, progressive, and trusted relationships with our customers

– searches for & develops new business for incremental growth by establishing new accounts and markets

– expanding and managing B2B and retail partners network locally and on export markets

– reporting capabilities to provide the basis for analysis for the purpose of developing objectives and goals for positive and progressive sales development and growth


– presentation Speaking

– decision Making and Problem Solving

– initiative and Motivation

– organization / Planning

– independence

– cooperation


– excellent communication and interpersonal skills

– excellent problem-solving skills

– ability to travel

– driving licence

– higher education

– at least 3 years of work experience in sales


at Nordhale you will have a unique opportunity to take part in building up a design brand and take it globally with us. our stylish working environment is located in Telliskivi Creative City. we offer flexible and good working conditions, diverse and exciting work in a motivated team. In addition, in-house benefits, training opportunities and career development opportunities. Joint corporate events and competitive pay.

if you are interested to be a part of our team, contact us by sending CV with the photo, salary request and motivation letter which could include your interests and the reason why Nordhale’s sales manager position is right for you.

applications are welcome until 03.09.19</p

LOCATION: Tallinn, Telliskivi

WORKING HOURS: full time

STARTING WORK: September / October 2019






the style of NORDHALE’s bags is effective without any heavy elements – only what is needed is used. thus all the bags are lightweight, making them suitable and functional companions for every situation.


SKIVE-MINI shows it’s strong character in reserved way. that’s why it’s THE bag for every situation. SKIVE MINI knows how to be functional and add uniqueness to every look at the same time. this chic minimalistic bag has a strap that lets you wear it over your shoulder, chest, around your waste or whatever is in your imagination – all the possibilities are made for you to look the best.



cold breezes, silence, endless forests and Iceland’s dramatic landscape of black lava – NORDHALE is inspired by nordic beauty and pureness.

therefore NORDHALE’s bags are named after cities and villages in Northern Europe, which all have a story to tell…

for example HENNES is a small village in Norway in the northernmost part of the Nordland county. as imagined, it really is a breathtaking nordic „land“. Hennes inspires with its nature and landscape – cold weather, crystal clear waters and little houses surrounded by grey rocky mountains with snowy peaks. it’s a tiny village with strong characteristics.

the city of LUND tells a story of life and people through centuries in a nordic country. it’s mentioned as the oldest city of Sweden. its medieval streets are full of history as Lund was presumably already existing by the end of the Viking Era. it’s rich of landmarks that will always remember the different eras the versatile city has seen.

the BODEM bag is inspired by the small city in Sweden called Boden. The city is situated in the northernmost county of Sweden – Norrbotten. the area shows the diversity of nordic nature – a contrast between winter darkness and midnight sun, forests and high mountains. Boden is a small yet awe-inspiring city with forts blasted into grey mountains between its green forests.

“5 Easy Ways to a Minimalist Bag”

MINIMALISM – quiet yet powerful

minimalism in fashion has been around for decades. minimalism first emerged in visual arts during the 1960s in New York when a group of artists including Donald Judd, John McCracken, Agnes Martin and many others, rejected the traditional representation in painting and sculptures and chose to pursue the new lifestyle – own as little as possible to the physical existence.


What are the Benefits of Minimalism?

in NORDHALE we believe that minimalism is a tool for living as our head-designer Sinika Seepõld says: “minimalism is a tool that helps you get rid of the unnecessary and focus on what’s important – that’s how I find my energy, time, happiness and freedom.”


having a minimalist bag can be a good start for changing your way of thinking and entering the minimalist lifestyle. so these are our 5 easy ways to achieve a more minimalist bag:


  • learn how to say “no” with this thinking and distinguish between essential and unnecessary.
  • plan and think through your day – don’t prepare the bag for the “what if” scenarios
  • organize the bag – use card holders, small pouches, etc to make finding things easier
  • don’t use the bag as a trash can – the more you treasure your bag, the more it will retain its’ value
  • clean the bag from the unnecessary at least once a week



NORDHALE’s colors are the shades of grey and black – „thunder“ and „mist“ as we like to call them – rough, unexpected, yet somehow calming as the nordic sky.

the subtle elegance of these monochromatic colors passes you effortlessly between seasons – simplicity is the key to versatile.


slow fashion is celebrating and loving the FEW things you own. NORDHALE puts emphasis on creating pieces you’ll reach for again and again.
in fashion there are tremendous amounts of oddly shaped pieces of fabric leftovers thrown away each year, as stated in the Pulse of the Fashion Industry report. slow fashion is embracing sustainable approach – in NORDHALE, these oddly shaped pieces become something that is here to stay.
slow fashion is about building a core wardrobe where every piece is carried by the quality and timeless design – NORDHALE stands for both of these characteristics.



The beginning of NORDHALE

Nordhale founder and head-designer Sinika Seepõld was born in Tallinn, Estonia. She is a multi-talented designer, who discovered her love for fashion and design while studying and traveling the world. Back then she launched her experimental brand miDeer in 2014. She started to create interior elements and accessories for kids. From the beginning, she started using unique techniques and solid choice of materials which instantly formed her vision and helped the brand to develop even further.

2016 Sinika found a completely new approach by using the industrial felt and started to design ready-to-wear bags. At this moment Nordhale was born. Sinika finds inspiration for the emergence of consciousness in the environment. personally she believes that people are not well aware with over-consumption and the lack of awareness behind the fashion industry. Nordhale is committed to developing sustainable production and consumption patterns.

Sinika herself describes the design process: “ we use the excess pieces from a felt factory, in order to reduce the amount of industrial material that ends up in the environment. every piece of Nordhale’s collection is handmade, we value collaborating with local artisans and we like to embrace the tiny quirks of every single item. the simple and timeless design of Nordhale’s bags are for those who appreciate sustainable fashion and have the confidence to stand out from the ordinary.”

The Head Designer of Nordhale sees the brand as a lifestyle and family that combines like-minded people.


The Nordhale brand was born in 2016 and has expanded its market rapidly throughout the years in both the Baltic States and the world with over 20 retail partners. Nordhale is a unique Estonian design brand that produces laptop sleeves, briefcases, carrier bags and backpacks from industriual felt.

Since day one, Nordhale is dedicated to sustainable production and consumption patterns. In design, Nordhale utilizes recyclable felt from factories, which reduces the reach of industrial materials to nature.

Every piece of Nordhale collection is hand-made in collaboration with various handicraft experts. Thanks to this, every bag has a rare value and story. Nordhale bags are for those who appreciate slow living and have the confidence to stand out from the ordinary

For the first time, we have the opportunity to peep behind closed curtains and see what Nordhale’s workflows are when designing bags.


Models: Roger Teppo / Janika Protassova

Video: Sander Antoniak

Photography: Kristiin Kõosalu

Make-up & hair: Laura-Liisa Srubišek

Behind the scenes: Sinika Seepõld

Additional credits: Studio August / Reede


HENNES is a bag that can accommodate all your needs. HENNES is inspired by fast work weeks when you need to have all your essentials in one place with you all the time. what’s new in this model? we added leather details and an extra pocket with magnetic snap. all our bags are weather-resistant so they would maintain their shape.



We are happy to announce that NORDHALE bags are now available in one of the biggest department stores in Tallinn-KAUBAMAJA. You can find varies of our minimalistic products from footwear and men’s department!



the bag we usually take out for business meetings or to our favorite cafe to have a cup of coffee now meet the forests of Finland. saturday afternoon right after the rain stopped, we decided to have a little hike and experience a true nordic breeze.

LUNDsuits perfectly to the metropolitan cityscape and nordic landscape


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